"Ray Bertrand and Bertrand technology Solutions have serviced the computer needs for the Early Police Department for several years and have always provided prompt and quality service tending to our every need from simply adding users to the server and configuring our car computers."
David Mercer
City of Early Texas
Chief of Police

Managed Security Services
The products we use for IT Security comply with HIPAA, PCI, FERPA, GLBA, and SOX. Network Security is accomplished in layers - Perimeter, Servers/Endpoints, and Applications.

Firewall - Intrusion prevention, gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, content/URL filtering, enforced client anti-virus and anti-spam services.

Anti-Spam - Keep unwanted and malicious e-mail from coming into your systems depending on the type of email system you use.

Virus / Malware Endpoint Protection - Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware protection that also has built-in web protection from malicious web-sites.

Mobile Security - Secure Web Browsing, Block Mobile Threats, Locate Your Device, Device Wipe, and Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus protection.

Password Management - software that protects user credentials from external and insider threats.

Backup / Disaster Recovery - Cloud based with redundant data centers that reside in the U.S.